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316 stainless steel

316 stainless steel

316 stainless steel

The part with weak corrosion resistance in the 316 stainless steel surface passive film, because of the formation of self-excited reaction leading to pitting the reaction thus shapes holes; and the chloride ions arrival forms a strong caustic solution, and then speeds accelerated corrosion reaction . Besides, the inter granular corrosion crackingan of internal stainless steel all damages  passive film on the stainless steel surface. Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be regular cleaned and maintenanced, in order to maintain its gorgeous surface and extend service life.

316 stainless steel Feature :excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties.

Compared with 304 stainless steel plate,316 stainless steel  material owns excellent performance,national standard materials.A variety of chemical content and the ingredients meet the national standards organizations.316 stainless steel also has high dense, nonporous, no blisters, material stability, superior performance, and price versus performance ratio.

316 stainless steel Chemical Composition :

C Si Mn S Cr Ni Mo
≤ 0.08 ≤ 1.00 ≤2.00 ≤0.035 ≤0.03 16-18.5 10-14 2-3

316  stainless steel Mechanical  properties

YS(kgf/) TS(kgf/mm) EL(%) AR(%) Density ()
 ≥ 310  ≥ 620  ≥ 30 ≥ 40  8.03

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