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201 stainless steel bars

201 stainless steel bar has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Stamping, bending and other thermal processing is good, no hardening heat treatment.

201 stainless steel bar

201 stainless steel bar

201 stainless steel bar is widely used in hardware, machinery, petroleum, chemicals, shipbuilding, marine engineering, boilers, heat exchangers, aerospace, environmental protection, high temperature, low temperature refrigeration, corrosion-resistant, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, electricity, water, construction , urea fertilizer, nuclear power, new energy equipment, etc.

201 stainless steel bar Chemical Composition: 

Chemical Composition
C Mn Si Cr Ni S N
≤0.15 5.5-7.5 1.00 16-18 3.5-5.5 ≤0.03 ≤0.06 ≤0.25

201 stainless steel bar Mechanical Property:

Density (bs/cubic inch) Elongation   % Modulus  of elasticity (psi)
280l 55- 60 29,000,000

BEBON STEEL is a professional 201 stainless steel bar suplier. Ex-stock, chemical composition, mechanical property, processing technology and other survice, those are we can offer for you. So if you are interested in 201 stainless steel bar, please contact BEBON STEEL.


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