430 stainless steel is common steel which has good corrosion resistance.Its heat conduction performance is better than austenitic, thermal expansion coefficient is smaller than austenitic. heat fatigue resistance, and add a stabilizing element titanium, so mechanical performance of weld parts is good.
Type 430 does not have as good corrosion resisting properties as the chromium nickel steels. However, it is suitable for interior architectural and decorative household appliances trim as well as automotive body molding.
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430 Stainless steel Application
430 Stainless steel surface treatment
430 stainless steel has several kinds of status as the followed, diffevent state decides different stain resistant and corrosion resistance .
NO.1�?D�?B,N0.4,HL,BA,Mirror as well as a variety of other surface treatmen
430 Stainless steel Application:
1. construction decoration
2. fuel burner components
3. home appliances parts
4. Automotive trim
5. kitchen utensils
6. sinks,
7. washing machine parts
8. architectural applications such as industrial roofing and wall cladding,
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430 Stainless steel plate
430 stainless steel plate has hot rolled and cold rolled.So the thickness range is difficult, 430 stainless steel plate according to the thickness can be divided into the form of sheet, medium plate, plate, etc; the thicknessof hot rolled is 6-80mm and the biggest wide of up to 3200 mm, length is unlimited.
The pipes for 430 have Seamless pipe and welded pipe.So the outer diameter is different. For Seamless pipe the outer diameter range is 21-630mm and wall thikness range is 4-50mm. Besides.the condition of deliveryis welding or solid solution.
430 Stainless steel plate
430 Stainless steel Pipe
430 Stainless steel Pipe
430 Stainless steel Bar
The round bar we can supply are from 5.5-250 mm and the length we can do as customers requirement.
The width of 430 stainless steel belt is 600 mm .it is also known as the 430 stainless steel belt can be divided into two kinds of cold rolled and hot rolled condition. 430 cold rolling belt thickness range is 0.038-3.0 mm; Hot rolled steel with thickness range is 3.0-6.0mm
430 Stainless steel Bar
430 Stainless steel Belt
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430 Stainless steel Chemical composition
(C) (Si) (Mn) (Cr) (P) (S) (Ni) Mo
�?.12 �?.75 �?.00 16.0~18.00 0.040 �?.030 �?.60 2.00-3.00
430 Stainless steel Chemical composition
Grade mechanical properties Hardness
Ys (Mpa) Ts (Mpa) El (%) HRB HV
430 �?205 �?450 �?2 HRB�?8 �?00
430 Stainless steel physical properties
magnetism Electric resistance
specific heat
Shear modulus
Expansion coefficient20~1000C
Young's modulus
Melting point
7.70 yes 53.6 460 26.0 10.4 219 1427 �?
Compared with 304
  • ts deep drawing performance is good and is similar to the 304 steel
  • the oxidizing acid has strong corrosion resistance, the lye and most of the organic acid and inorganic acid also has certain corrosion capability; Resistance to stress corrosion cracking ability is stronger than 304 steel
  • the thermal expansion coefficient is less than 304 steel grades, high oxidation resistance ability, suitable for thermal equipment
  • cold roled product appearance ,good brightness, beautiful
  • compared with 304, the price is cheap, as a substitute for 304 steel material
  • Compared with 304, its tensile property, welding performance is poor; because it is a ferritic stainless steel, the strength is relatively low, and the work hardening capacity is also low should pay attention to when choosing to use
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    310S Stainless steel Successful case
    As we know ,430 is widly used for home appliances. Few days ago,our Vietnam customer Kelvin, buy about 86 tons 430 steel sheet for kitchen utensils. Considering the first cooperation, we suggest Kelvin purchasing 5 ton as trial order.When the goods arrived at their company,they are satisfied with the quality after testing.Then, of course, Kelvin purchased the balance 80 tons from us, and also became our only agent in their country.
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