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Steel for large diameter pipes

Steel for large diameter pipes

Steel for large diameter pipes

Steel for large diameter pipes

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Steel for large diameter pipes description
Steel for large diameter pipes, just as its name implies, is the Hot-rolled structural steel plate and sheet for making Large-diameter pipe (25 centimeters (10 inch) or greater) may be ERW, EFW or Submerged Arc Welded ("SAW") pipe. Steel for large diameter pipes has excellent properties for welding and meets all the performance requirements for this application.

Steel for large diameter pipes Application
These steel grades are characterised by a minimum yield strength of 245 - 355 MPa and by good weldability. The application of these steel plates is mainly for manufacturing full line of welded and seamless steel pipe, steel tube and tubular products in large diameter.

The main grade of pipeline steel plate are :
Material #: 1.0457, 1.0484, 1.0582, 1.8972, 1.0418, 1.0429, 1.0578, 1.8973, 1.8975, 1.8977, 1.8978
EN 10208-2: L 245NB, L 290NB, L 360NB, L 415NB, L 245MB, L 290MB, L 360MB, L 415MB, L 450MB, L 485MB, L 555MB
DIN 17172: StE 240.7, StE 290.7, StE 360.7, StE 415.7, StE 240.7 TM, StE 290.7 TM, StE 360.7 TM, StE 415.7 TM, StE 445.7 TM, StE 480.7 TM
API 5L : Gr. B, X 42, X 52, X 60, X 65, X 70, X 80.

Steel for large diameter pipes equivalent grades

Material #

EN 10208-2

DIN 17172








L 245NB

StE 240.7





Gr. B



L 290NB

StE 290.7





X 42



L 360NB

StE 360.7





X 52



L 415NB

StE 415.7





X 60



L 245MB

StE 240.7 TM





Gr. B



L 290MB

StE 290.7 TM





X 42



L 360MB

StE 360.7 TM





X 52



L 415MB

StE 415.7 TM





X 60



L 450MB

StE 445.7 TM





X 65



L 485MB

StE 480.7 TM





X 70



L 555MB






X 80


Steel for large diameter pipes Supply Size
Thickness: 8mm to 200mm
Width: 1500mm to 4200mm
Length: 4000mm to 18000mm

Steel for large diameter pipes Delivery state
Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Normalized, Quenched, Tempering, Thermal Mechanical Control Process (TMCP), Electroslag Remelting Technical, HIC test.

Steel for large diameter pipes Services
Cutting, Painting, shot blast, and The third party inspection in DNV, BV, LR, GL, ABS, CCS , SGS, and others in super thick ship steel plate.
Bebon International is a global steel supply and stockholding company. Partnerships integrating the resources of the China’s most technically advanced steel mills enable Bebon International to provide a single competitive source for the distribution of steel products worldwide.

Bebon International offer premium quality Steel for large diameter pipes Plates. These Steel for large diameter pipes plates have consistent and controlled properties, designed for withstanding the high tension for large diameter pipes.

Bebon International has one of the widest steel plate product ranges in the world. Whether you are a designer, contractor or fabricator you will find our product range both modern and extensive. Steel for large diameter pipes offered by Bebon is in very high quality to support the requirements of those engaged in large projects.



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