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x10crnis189 steel

x10crnis189 steel is one kind of stainless steel. x10crnis189 steel is similar to 303 stainless steel.

x10crnis189 steel

x10crnis189 steel

The same as 303 stainless steel, x10crnis189 steel is widely used in Kitchenware, home appliances, construction decoration, stairs, refrigerated container, burner parts, exhaust parts of auto.

x10crnis189 steel Specification:
Thickness: 0.5-3mm cold rolled
3-60mm hot rolled
Width: 1000-2000mm
Length: 4000-10000mm

x10crnis189 steel Features:
Representative type of Ferrite stainless steel, with magnetic good cost performance, price stability
Good shaping capability, weld bending capability, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion
Strong corrosion and decorative effect

The best quality, best service, most complete information, BEBON, as a professional steel supplier, promise to you that we will meet your requirements at a maximum limit.

If need x10crnis189 steel spot, please contact us.


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