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304L stainless steel bars

304L stainless steel bar is a variant of low-carbon 304 stainless steel, for the need for welding applications. Lower carbon content makes it close to the weld heat affected zone to minimize carbide precipitation, and carbide precipitation may result in intergranular corrosion (weld erosion).

304L stainless steel bars

304L stainless steel bars

304L stainless steel bars Mechanical Property:

Hardness Elongation δ5  (%) Area reduction Ψ (%) Tensile Strength σb  (MPa) Yield Strength  σ0.2 (MPa) Specific   Heat C(20℃) KJ/Kg•℃ Density  g·cm-3
HB HRB HV  ≥40 ≥50 ≥520 ≥205 0.502 7.93
≤187 ≤90 ≤200

304L stainless steel bars Chemical Composition:

C Cr Ni Mn P S Si other
≤ 0.03 18-20 9-13 ≤ 2 ≤ 0.035 ≤ 0.03 ≤ 1 -

304L stainless steel bars own poor forging performance and deformation is more difficult. Because of work hardening situation, allowing lower deformation in the mandrel stretching process can and heat losses,the steel must be molded under fire more times. If high-temperature insulating phase is not handled properly, it will result in coarse-grained.


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