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Normalizing heat treatment? Normalizing purpose?

 Normalizing introduction
  normalizing means heat the steel to above the AC3 or ACCM 30-50℃,holding for some time,put out from the furnace,and cool in air or by water,spray,wind. The intent of this technology is to make the grain in steel refine and carbide distribute uniformly. 
  normalizing is always used by following three points:
  first, low carbon steel; the hardness is slightly higher than annealing after normalizing. And the toughness is much better.
  second, medium carbon steel; it can instead of quenching and tempering treatment as a final heat treatment.
  third, tool steel, bearing steel and carburized steel; It can away down or inhibit the formation of network carbide.
  forth, steel-casting; Can be refined as cast organization
  fifth, large forgeable piece; it acts as a final heat treatment.
  sixth, nodular cast steel; hardness, strength andabrasive resistance will be improved.
  seventh, hyper-eutectoid steel; it can reduce mesh secondary cementite.
  The purpose of normalizing is to reduces residual stress and brittleness,and reduce the hardness of the materal. In order to preparing the next processing.



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