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The general application of Hot-rolled steel plate,steel sheet, steel coil steel plate

The general application of Hot-rolled steel plate,steel sheet, steel coil steel plate


The general application of Hot-rolled steel plate,steel sheet, steel coil
Hot-rolled steel sheet
is a kind of steel with flat shape made by hot-rolling process (with big rollers or rolling machines) that reduce the thickness of a "slab", semi-finished product, from typically 100 mm (as defined by G Steel) to be a thinner sheet of thickness range between 1.00 to 13.00 mm as ordered by the customer. Hot-rolled steel sheet is finished in a shape of coil called "hot-rolled coil" or "black coil" for the purpose of efficiency in storage, movement and transportation. Anyway, in case a customer wants the hot-rolled steel in smaller sheet shape, our mill can cut (shear) the coil into sheets as per width and length specified.

Hot-rolled coils/sheets are widely and regularly used in human's everyday living, mainly (more than 80%) are as per the following application groups:
1. Cold-rolling: to make cold-rolled coils for further processing into various downstream products.
2. Pickling and oiling: to make pickled and oiled hot-rolled coils/sheets further processing into various downstream products.
3. Forming into steel shapes: to make structural steel shapes, such as tubes or pipes (cylinder shape), angle (similar to L-shape), U-channel, C-channel, for use in construction, civil engineering and structures.
4. Cutting to sheets: to be retail products for use in industrial manufacturing, construction; general structures, mechanics and industrial uses.
5. Making gas cylinders (LPG, GNC/NGV), compressor cylinders (of cooling systems) and pressure vessels : for vehicles, gas stations, home uses, industrial uses and in hospitals.
6. Making gas line pipes, oil and petrochemical line pipes: mainly for industrial uses.
7. Others.

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