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1.product category: steel plate, steel pipe, flat bar, profile steel, stainless steel
2.Product Specification Range mm:steel plate(Thickness:1.5--450, Width:1200--4200, Length: 3000--18000)
seamless steel pipe(Diameter:10.3mm--965.2mm, Wall thickness:1.24mm --59.54mm) Welded steel pipe( Diameter:32mm--2220mm, Wall thickness:2mm --60mm) Stainless steel sheet/plate (Thickness:0.2mm--120mm, Width:1219mm--2000mm)
3.Stock monthly :We have two three warehouses-Zhengzhou(which mainly store profile steel,the quantity of ex-stock is about 4000tons),shanghai(which mainly store steel plate and stainless steel, the quantity of ex-stock is about 5500tons ) Tianjin (which mainly store steel pipe and pipe fitting ,the quantity is about 4500tons)
(1) Heat treatment(Normalizing, Tempering, Annealing, Normalizing & Tempering,Quenching and high temperature tempering)
(2) Pre-treatment on the surface of steel plate: blasting and shop primed in ISO SA2.5 standard
(3) Test (UT, Impact test, HIC test, SSC test, Chemical Element Analysis, Performance Test, Magnetic powder test, DWTT, PWHT )
(4) Approved by (ISO9001 )
(5)Other service: Cutting(NC Cutting), drill, machining, welding, Galvanization
(6) Cap and Bevel at the end of the steel pipe, painting and PE outside of the steel pipe, PL1 and PL2 test
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