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sell Steel Round Bar 4140 in China

Steel Round Bar 4140 applicaiton is widely,we can offer Steel Round Bar 4140 stock in China,best price of Steel Round Bar 4140.
Steel Round Bar 4140 Is A Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel. The Chromium Content Provides Good Hardness Penetration, And The Molybdenum Content Ensures Uniform Hardness And High Strength. Steel Round Bar4140 Chrome-Molybdenum Steel Can Be Oil Hardened To A Relatively High Level Of Hardness. The Desirable Properties Of The 4140 Include Superior Toughness, Good Ductility And Good Wear Resistance In The Quenched And Tempered Condition.
Here Is The Presentation About The Composition Of Steel Round Bar 4140. Much Of The Versatility Of Steel Round Bar 4140 Comes From Its Simple Chemistry. With About 0.40 Percent Carbon And 0.85 Percent Manganese, It Is A Tough Steel That Is Able To Be Heat Treated And Hardened. It Also Contains 0.1 Percent Chromium, Which Isn't Enough To Make It A Stainless Steel But Adds To The Overall Toughness. It Also Contains 0.25 Percent Molybdenum And Small Amounts  Other Elements Such As Silicon, Sulfur And Phosphorous.
American Iron And Steel Institute Grade Steel Round Bar 4140 Is One Of The Most Used Steels In Terms Of Physical Characteristics Per Dollar. In Fact, Steel Round Bar 4140 Is Used In Industries From Construction And Engineering To Knives And Other Bladed Instruments. What It Lacks In Corrosion Resistance And Other Specialty Characteristics Found In High Alloy Tool Steels It Makes Up For In Workability.
If you need Steel Round Bar 4140 stock,you can contact us at any time.



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