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309S stainless steel, Stainless steel general characteristics

309S stainless steel is used exclusively for its high temperature oxidation resistance.  It is common for 309, 310 and 321 to be used in the same piece of equipment in the various temperature regions.

309S stainless steel

309S stainless steel

Stainless steel general characteristics:
Surface is beautiful and use is diverse;
Clean, smoothness is good;
Because do not need surface treatment, maintenance is simple;
Good corrosion resistant, more durable than ordinary steel;
High strength, stainless steel sheet is very possible to use;
Resistance to high temperature oxidation, fire resistant;
Good welding performance;
Normal temperature processing, plastic processing easily.

BEBON STEEL is 309S stainless steel supplier, we can offer High quality steel plate, and pretreatment of the advanced equipment. If you are interested in 309S stainless steel, please contact us.

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