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Boilers and Pressure Vessels Steel selling lead steel plate

Boilers and Pressure Vessels Steel selling lead steel plate


Pressure vessel and boiler quality steel are commonly used throughout the oil industry (including inshore and offshore), the petrochemical industry and the gas production industry.
The main steel grade of Pressure vessel and boiler quality steel are :
EN 10028-2:  P235 GH, P 265 GH, P 295 GH, P 296 GH,P 355 GH
EN 10028-3: P 275 N, P 275 NHP, 275 NL 1, P 275 NL 2, P 355 N, P 355 NH, P 355 NL 1, P 355 NL 2
DIN17165 : HI , HII, 17 Mn 4, 19 Mn 8
DIN17102: St E 255, W St E 255, T St E 255, E St E 255, St E 285, W St 285, T St E 285, E St E 285, St E 315, W St 315, T St E 315, E St E 315.  St E 355, W St E 355, T St E 355, E St E 355.
JIS G 3115: SPV 235, SPV 315 ,SPV 355
JIS G 3103: SB 410 ,SB 450, SB 480
ASTM: A 285gr.A/B/C,  A299, A441, A442gr.55/60, A455,  A515gr55/60/65/70,  A516gr55/60/65/70, A 537CL1/2/3, A 612, A 622grA/B/C.  A737grB/C.
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Steels are supplied as follows:
In standard & non standard sizes
Thickness tolerance to EN 10029 Class C
Fully weldable
All material fully certified to EN 10204 3.1b or 3.1c as required
Multi grade certification
NACE hardness to MR 0175
Additional testing services (NAMAS approved test houses)
HIC to NACE Specifications
Simulated PWHT testing available
Through thickness tensile testing
Impact testing
A full cutting and profiling service is available 
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Steels specification
Thickness range (mm) Width mm Length mm
4 - 260 1200- 4000 Up to 18000 long
Bebon international is specialized in manufacturing and selling Boiler and Pressure Vessel Steels etc. We are the professional steel supplier and exporter in China. We always offer the high quality steel, competitive price and nice service to our customer. If you have any enquiry about steel and need steel quotation, please contact with us.



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