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dd14 steel equivalent

DD14 steel is a plain low carbon steel without any alloy present. DD14 is a kind ofhot-rolled cold forming steel. This kind of steel could be classified into commercial quality, drawing quality, deep drawing quality, and extra-deep drawing quality by its intended application. With low carbon content, excellent drawing and welding performance, high dimension accuracy, our product widely used in many drawing industries.

DD14 steel Test: X-ray, UT, magnetic particle,inspection.

DD14 steel Processing service: Transverse cutting, longitudinal cutting, trimming, volume classification, coated film, coated paper ,profile of cutting, bending, punching, welding, removing rust, and product packing , shipping servicesand On-site assistance.

DD14 steel Documentary: Material certification, Origin certification, CI or PI, Test Report, Export licence, Handling order, B/L,Insurance policy,Shipping instructions, Contract, Packing list etc.

DD14 steel equivalent
NFA 36-301 3 CT

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