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TOP Selling aisi 201 202 301 304 316 decorative stainless steel tube

301 stainless steel is an austenitic stainless with excellent corrosion resistance. 301 stainless steel stock is non-magnetic in the annealed condition but becomes magnetic when cold worked. 301 stainless steel is particularly well suited for the manufacture of high strength room temperature springs. When 301 stainless steel is tempered to high strength levels it maintains its ductility with or without stress relieving.
Although 301 stainless steel has many advantages, in certain circumstances, 301 stainless steel surface will appear stains. If want to restore 301 stainless steel bright surface, you can use 301 stainless steel blasting.

TOP Selling aisi 201 202 301 304 316 decorative stainless steel tube
301 stainless steel blasting uses compressed air to spray a certain size sand on 301 stainless steel surface corrosion parts through the spray gun. 301 stainless steel blasting can not only do derusting, but also prepare for painting, coating, electroplating process and so on. After blasting, 301 stainless steel surface can achieve clean, a certain surface roughness, thus, enhance the binding force the cover layer and parts.
Bebon has the most comprehensive service, including cutting,welding, drilling, shot blast cleaning, derusting, painting, galvanized, etc, certainly including 301 stainless steel blasting.If you need 301 stainless steel stock in China,you can contact su at any time.



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