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Which is better, C45 steel or C50 steel

Both C45 steel and C50 steel belong to high strength medium carbon steel. The carbon content of C45 steel and C50 steel is 0.45% and 0.50% respectively. The main difference between C45 steel and C50 steel is that the hardness of C50 steel is larger.In the
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What is the price trend of hot rolled steel in China

Hot rolled steel coil: on October 22, the average price of 4.75mm hot rolled steel coil in 24 major cities of China was 588 usd / ton, up 1.35 usd / ton compared with the previous trading day. Yesterday, the spot market mentality is more optimistic, and b
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-23 10:59:48

The price of 12Cr1MoV steel material will be fluctuated

In recent, the arrival volume of iron ore continues to be high, and the port inventory continues to accumulate. From the perspective of shipping schedule, the late arrival volume remains at a high level. However, at present, the profit of the steel mill i
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API 5L X42 PSL1 steel is expected to run with weak vibration this week

Looking back on last week's API 5L X42 PSL1 steel market, it showed a weak trend of shock. The steel price index fell, of which medium plate and hot rolling fell by 15 and 31 points respectively; in terms of raw materials and fuels, the dollar ind
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-21 10:51:48

What is 27SiMn steel material

27SiMn steel material chemical element: C: 0.24-0.32, Si: 1.10-1.40, Mn: 1.10-1.40.27SiMn steel material mechanical properties: tensile strength 980 MPa; yield strength: 835 MPa; elongation after fracture: 12; reduction of area: 40; impact energy: 39J.For
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-20 10:15:37

The price of ASTM A36 hot rolled coil in the fourth quarter is easy to rise

This week, the price of ASTM A36 hot rolled coil in the United States continued to rise, and the market was bullish. As of October 14, the ex factory price of American hot rolled coil mills (Midwest) was $717 per ton, the highest since April 30, 2019. The
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Butt joint method of Q345B seamless square tube

When applying Q345B large-diameter seamless square pipe, pay attention to the relevant application objectives and application methods and characteristics. The specific performance is that the main purpose is relatively wide, and it can be applied anywhere
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What is S690QL material specification

What is S690QL material specification? S690QL material is high strength structural steel produced in compliance with EN 10025-6 technical standard. The main S690QL material we supply is S690QL steel plate, which is quenched and tempered for heat treatment
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-15 11:23:27

What is the 16MnR steel?

16MnR steel is a common low-alloy steel, is a common material for boiler pressure vessels, steel, boiler pressure vessels. The steel now is replaced by Q345R grade. Its high strength, good plastic toughness. The common delivery status is hot rolling or no
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-15 11:13:50

12Cr1MoV alloy steel production may get down in the fourth quarter

In September, the expected peak season did not appear, and 12Cr1MoV alloy steel production was tightened. In October, there is still room for market demand to rise, and steel enterprises also have expectations for this. It is expected that demand will lea
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-14 11:33:15

What is the S460NL steel application range?

S460NL steel equivalent: Q460C, Q460B, Q460D, Q460E in Chinese steel standard GB/T1591. S460NL executive standard is the European specification EN10025-3 hot rolled normalized weldable fine grain structural steel. This steel is used for large ships, bridg
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GB/T 3077 35CrMnSiA alloy

GB/T 3077 35CrMnSiA alloy is hot rolled strucutral steel for machine structural use and precision steel machining services. 35CrMnSiA steel is used to manufacture heavy-duty, high-strength, high-toughness parts and high-strength components. It can also be
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The overall demand of SS400 structure steel market was insufficient in September

In September, the SS400 structure steel market demand showed a trend of "internal and external differentiation, overall shortage". The demand of domestic SS400 structure steel market is limited, which is lower than the market expectation. In the
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Will 12Cr1MoV steel prices go up under strict production restriction

Recently, weather pollution has piled up. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has issued a notice on the performance grading of key industries in heavily polluted weather, announcing emission reduction measures for heavily polluted weather in many pla
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-12 13:49:21

Asian flat steel prices growth slows down

In September, the growth trend of Asian flat steel products market slowed down, with China's market rising and falling. China's domestic steel plate prices fell 1.6% month on month in September, ending a four month rise. In September, the
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-10-10 09:41:05

How about ASTM A514 steel plate machinability

ASTM A514 steel plate is quenched and tempered steel for structural application. As for ASTM A514 steel plate machinability, ASTM A514 steel can be done cutting, welding, drilling, milling, general machining and so on processing.ASTM A514 steel plate mach
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-29 10:55:57

EN10025 S690QL steel price may rise in the second half of the year

In the second half of 2020, EN10025 S690QL steel price may rise to a certain extent, which may appear after the national day.First, the second half of the production season, EN10025 S690QL steel demand is very large, and because of environmental protectio
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-24 16:07:14

EN10028-2 CrMo steel plates specification

EN10028-2 CrMo steel plates: P235GH, P295GH, P295GH, P355GH, 16Mo3
EN10028-2 P355GH material is the European standard CrMo steel pressure vessel plate, the implementation standard: EN10028-2.
P235GH, P295GH, P295GH, 16Mo3 CrMo steel plates have good pla
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-24 11:47:40

TB/T 1979 railway vehicles used steel

TB/T 1979 railway vehicles used steel : 05CuPCrNi, 09CuPCrNi, Q400NQR1, Q450NQR1, Q500NQR1, Q550NQR1
TB/T 1979 Corrosion-resistant steel series for railway vehicles is mainly used for the manufacture of high-strength atmospheric corrosion-resistant hot-r
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Precautions for the welding process of ship steel plate

Precautions for the welding process of ship steel plate
Control of welding line energy:The DNV GL grade B ship steel plate should be welded strictly in accordance with the process specification, and the welding heat input is generally controlled below 50
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What is JIS G3101 SS400 chemical composition

JIS G3101 SS400 steel is one of the most commonly used hot rolled general structural steel. JIS G3101 SS400 steel is usually supplied as SS400 steel plates, sheets, flats, bars, sections, etc.. No matter what form it is, JIS G3101 SS400 chemical compositi
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What is the maximum ASTM A612M steel plate thickness

ASTM A612M steel plate is PVQ steel, otherwise known as "pressure vessel quality steel". That means, ASTM A612M steel plate is steel specially intended for pressure vessels, which require higher standards for chemical composition and material pr
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-21 11:10:23

35CrMo VS 42CrMo chemical composition

Both 35CrMo and 42CrMo steel are Chinese alloy steel materials. And they have high strength and toughness, good hardenability, and no obvious temper brittleness. Besides that, 35CrMo and 42CrMo steel usually do quenching and tempering treatment. After tha
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-18 11:05:04

The export volume of EU S690QL material decreased in the first quarter

In the first quarter of 2020, the total volume of EU S690QL material and so on steel exports to third countries decreased by 9% year on year. In the first four months of 2020, due to a 15% year-on-year decrease in flat long products exports and a 13% year
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-17 15:27:53

US steel raises hot rolling steel coil quotation by 60 USD / short ton

US steel announced on September 14 that it would increase its flat steel product price by at least $60 per short ton. The quotation for hot rolling steel coil is new spot inquiry, the lowest price is 600 US dollars / short ton, and the quotation of cold r
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-16 14:16:41

What is 20Cr material composition

20Cr material is a kind of Chinese GB standard alloy steel. 20Cr material is usually in form of 20Cr round bar, 20Cr steel pipe, 20Cr steel plate, etc. 20Cr material composition is characterized by Chrome elements, and it has good comprehensive mechanical
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-14 14:51:42

Application of heat treating 51CrV4 steel

51CrV4 steel is a chromium vanadium alloyed heat-treatable steel, and it is also known as 51CrV4 spring steel. 51CrV4 steel is commonly supplied in the as rolled condition. And 51CrV4 steel is also suitable for oil quenching and tempering, after which the
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-12 15:19:19

The Q275 carbon steel plate price in Handan market

On September 10, the price of carbon steel plate in Handan market remained stable. The mainstream price of 14-20 specification Q275 carbon steel plate is 3880 yuan/ton, and the price of low-alloy Q345C is 220 yuan/ton.
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-11 15:16:16

What is ASTM A387 grade 11 class 2 steel material

A387 grade 11 class 2 steel material is chrome molybdenum alloy steel under ASTM A387/A387 technical standard. The chrome molybdenum alloy elements increase the temperature tensile strength of A387 grade 11 class 2 steel material, and make it applicable f
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-11 14:41:33

The market price of Zhengzhou SM570 steel plate is stable

On September 10, the market price of SM570 steel plate in Zhengzhou is stable, and market transactions are average. As of press time, the price of 14-25mm thickness SM570 carbon steel plate in Zhengzhou market is 4150 yuan/ton.
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-10 13:51:32

ASTM A36 medium plate in Zhengzhou market price

On September 8, the price of Zhengzhou medium plate was mainly stable. The current market price of BBN STEEL medium plate ASTM A36 carbon steel thickness 10mm size is 4280 yuan/ton, the market price of ASTM A36 medium plate 14mm size is 4180 yuan/ton, and
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-09 14:24:55

What is the difference between mild steel and SS400 material

SS400 material is well known in building and structural constructions. SS400 material is a kind of mild steel. What is the difference between mild steel and SS400 material? First, we need to understand what is mild steel.Mild steel is the mildest type of
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What is anti corrosive steel SPA-H

The anti corrosive steel SPA-H is designed by adding Cu, P, Cr and Ni in low carbon steel. The corrosion resistance of anti corrosive steel SPA-H is excellent, and the dimensional accuracy, plate shape, surface quality and formability are also good, which
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-08 11:46:40

NM400 wear plate spot cutting

Special attention should be paid to the preheating of NM400 wear-resistant plate, so that the entire interface of the wear-resistant plate is evenly heated to avoid local overheating in the area contacting the heat source. Low-speed cutting: Another way t
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-08 11:14:16

What are the 35CrMo steel equivalent grades

35CrMo steel is a Cr-Mo series alloy structural steel, which is mainly used to manufacture important parts in various machines that bear impact, bending, and high loads. 35CrMo alloy structural steel has high static strength, impact toughness and high fat
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-07 14:44:35

What is the difference between: 50CrMo4 VS 42CrMo4 steel material

50CrMo4 and 42CrMo4 steel plates are produced according to technical standard EN10083-3. They are chromium molybdenum alloy steel with high hardenability, good toughness and small deformation during quenching. Do you know what is the difference between: 5
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-04 15:50:45

Thailand-300 tons 09CrCuSb SMLS pipe

1. Background information
In APRIL 2017, our Thailand customer purchased 100 tons Corten plate from us . After the experience of first cooperation,we built strong relationship with each other and provide Corten plate to them on every month. In 2019 Nov
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-09-03 19:20:14

1070 tons ASTM A36 steel plate and checker plate to Sudan

This project is a government-led project, there are strict inspection requirements for the quality of the goods, delivery time and supplier qualifications. Bebon has the professional product production process, quality system and a large number of success
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-09-03 18:37:32

318.1 ton 2Cr13 round bars to Russia

1.Background Information
In November 2019 Clients from Russia visit us and want to know more about BBN to build a long relationship with us. They have a big demand of 2Cr13 round bars with diameter 140mm and 180mm to do machining work to be drilling tool
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-09-03 17:43:50

Iran- 630 tons 304 stainless steel sheets

1. Background Information
Our customer is one leading company of pressure vessel and boiler manufacturing in Iran. In May of 2019, after one trail order, they experienced our full service and good quality control. Since then, they fully trust BBN, no mat
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-09-03 17:10:58

Iran - 350 tons 304 & 310S seamless steel pipe

1. Background Information
Our customer is one leading company of pressure vessel and boiler manufacturing in Iran. In May of 2019, after one trail order, they experienced our full service and good quality control. Since then, they fully trust BBN, no mat
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-09-03 17:02:15

India- 1035 Tons CCS AH36 bulb flat & angle bar & seamless pipe

1. Background Information
This is one big EPC group in India, mainly for supplying quality products for Power, Oil, Gas & Pharmaceutical industries and superior EPC solutions. Our this customer has established a significant market share and phenomena
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-09-03 16:40:14

Bangladesh 456 tons A106B SML+ TP304 SML+G.I steel pipes and pipe fittings

1. Background Information
The customer has more than 20 years in steel purchasing and importing in Bangladesh. And he has close network with local textile industries.This order is for one of its local 100% export oriented textile group production line. W
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-09-03 15:40:30

A516 grade 60 VS grade 70 steel in properties and equivalents

BBN steel supply ASTM A516 pressure vessel steel plates with full steel grade levels and sizes. Among those A516 steel grades, A516 grade 60 and A516 grade 70 are used most. So a lot of questions such as A516 grade 60 VS grade 70 steel and so on about the
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-03 11:44:36

What is A387 Gr 11 Cl 2 steel use

A387 Gr 11 Cl 2 steel is alloy steel and it is supplied in normalized and tempered condition. The main alloy elements of A387 Gr 11 Cl 2 steel are chrome and molybdenum. Therefore, A387 Gr 11 Cl 2 steel is also called A387 Gr 11 Cl 2 chrome molybdenum ste
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-02 10:17:49

The common JIS G3106 SM520C specs

SM520C steel is high strength steel for welded structrual purposes. The excessive technical standard of SM520C steel is JIS G3106. SM520C steel can be rolled into SM520C steel plate, SM520C steel coil, SM520C steel sheet, SM520C steel strip. It can also b
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-09-01 18:36:26

Does API 5L X52 PSL1 steel material price usher in peak season ahead of time

Last week, China's API 5L X52 PSL1 steel material market fluctuated in a narrow range, with limited ups and downs. On the one hand, the off-season effect continues, the demand for API 5L X52 PSL1 steel material continues to be weak, while the outp
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-31 16:44:21

What is the A299 Gr B steel tensile requirement?

A299 Gr B steel plate is a C-Mn-SI carbon steel for boiler and pressure vessel plate. It is generally used for various welded parts whose working temperature does not exceed 400°C, such as boiler steam drum, pressure vessel, etc. The steel is required to
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-28 17:17:58

API 5L grade X56 PSL2 steel supply increased

Supply pressure will weaken the driving force of increased demand on prices. The biggest constraint on API 5L grade X56 PSL2 steel prices in the later period lies in the supply. First of all, API 5L grade X56 PSL2 steel inventory is still at a high level.
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-28 15:41:18

The construction machinery steel demand rises in China

Since 2020, facing the pressure of the new crown epidemic on economic growth, the government has actively expanded effective investment, strengthened investment in traditional infrastructure and new infrastructure, expanded investment in strategic emergin
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-27 16:38:04

What is the welding performance of 40Cr steel plate?

Welding performance of 40Cr steel plate: It is easy to segregate during crystallization and is more sensitive to crystallization cracks (a kind of thermal cracks). It is easy to crack in the arc crater and the concave part of the weld during welding.
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-27 11:28:22

Short-term 51CrV4 flat bar price fluctuations are limited

The price of 51CrV4 flat bar in China went up and down yesterday. Today, the black futures market oscillates and differentiates, the steel spot market is low-priced transactions, and the market mentality is generally stable. The black futures market has d
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-26 17:39:42

40Cr steel flat heat treatment

Heat Treatment and Performance Analysis of 40Cr steel flats
After quenching and tempering, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity. The hardenability of steel is good, this kind of
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-26 13:54:29

"Golden nine silver ten" is not inevitable for API 5L X42 PSL1 plate

"Golden Nine Silver Ten" is actually a time concept. The weather in September and October is often conducive to construction, leading to a sharp increase in API 5L X42 PSL1 plate and so on steel demand, and making the "Golden Nine and Silve
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-25 16:03:57

The price of BBN STEE hot rolled coils in Tianjin market on August 24

On August 24, the mainstream trend of the latest hot-rolled coil prices in Tianjin market performed smoothly. The price of BBN STEEL hot-rolled coil 3.0*1500*C size Q235B carbon steel: 4100 yuan/ton, the price has not changed from yesterday. The price of
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-25 10:57:48

The cost support of A516 Gr 65 carbon steel plate is strong

Last week, the A516 Gr 65 carbon steel plate market rose first and then fell, and the overall situation has not yet shaken off the shock. In the first half of the week, driven by the positive macroeconomic expectations and the general recovery of the fina
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-24 18:59:54

EN 10025-4 S355ML steel maximum CEV

EN 10025-4 S355ML steel plate is a hot-rolled weldable fine-grained structural steel. S is the meaning of structural steel, 355 indicates that the small yield value of the relevant thickness less than 16mm is 355MPa, and M represents his delivery, that is
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-24 17:18:53

API 5L X52 gas pipeline steel market will show a turbulent rise next week in China

At present, the national economy continues to recover steadily. The National Standing Committee has made arrangements to consolidate the foundation for economic recovery and further implement financial policies to support the development of the real econo
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-22 11:48:58

A387 gr 11 alloy steel sheet prices continue to run weakly

Today, China's A387 gr 11 alloy steel sheet stock price continues to be weak, terminal demand is weak, and overall transaction performance is sluggish. Among them, the A387 gr 11 alloy steel sheet social inventory fell for the third consecutive we
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-21 17:25:58

API 5L grade B hot rolled steel coil shows booming supply and demand

API 5L grade B hot rolled steel coil shows a boom in supply and demand: With the gradual recovery of the global economy and the recovery of China's manufacturing industry, API 5L grade B hot rolled steel coil terminal consumption has shown a quart
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-20 14:32:45

42CrMo4 heavy plate price has certain support

Yesterday, the average price of 42CrMo4 heavy plate in China's major cities rose from the previous trading day. The transaction of 42CrMo4 heavy plate market was fair, and some markets raised the selling price in a narrow range. After the rise, th
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-19 11:28:12

Corten A weather resistance steel coil price may maintain high volatility operation tomorrow

On August 17, China's steel market rose slightly. The domestic financial market generally recovered, boosting market confidence, the purchasing activity of middlemen and end customers increased, and the price of corten A weather resistance steel c
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-18 10:27:40

A588 grade A bridge steel market forecast this week

For this week, supply: Overall, the current steel mill production situation is basically normal, coupled with the positive expectations, production enthusiasm is fair, so it is expected that the supply of A588 grade A bridge steel will continue to be stab
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-17 10:33:03

Will the price of corten A hot rolled steel coil in China remain high and fluctuate tomorrow

Yesterday, the average price of corten A hot rolled steel coil in major cities in China rose slightly from the previous trading day. Today's black commodity futures rose and fell, closing up 0.82%. The spot market's early quotations rose s
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-14 14:50:14

AR500 bulletproof steel plate imports continue to grow in July 2020

According to the Customs Import and Export Express, in July 2020, China imported 2.066 million tons of AR500 bulletproof steel plate and so on steel products, an increase of 728000 tons compared with the previous month, with a month on month increase of 3
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-13 15:42:24

The characteristics of weathering steel plate after rust

BBN steel is a manufacturing enterprise integrating the distribution and processing of corrosion-resistant steel materials. The main grades of corrosion-resistant steel materials and products Corten A, Corten B, A588 Grade A, A588 Grade B, A588 Grade C.
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-13 15:22:22

Four major features of weather-resistant steel A588 grade A plate

The unique process of weather-resistant steel A588 grade A gives it unique and unusual characteristics. Weather-resistant steel A588 grade A plates have four major characteristics, let's learn about the details.
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-12 15:26:52

API 5L X70 PSL1 pipeline steel export may keep rising trend in August

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, in July 2020, China exported 4.176 million tons of API 5L X70 PSL1 pipeline steel and other steel products, an increase of 475000 tons compared with June, a month on month increase o
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-12 10:24:42

BBN STEEL various size of 35# hot rolled plate

At present, among the 35# steel plate manufacturers in Henan, BBN STEEL ranks first in inventory, with a very complete range of specifications and size, covering 35# medium-thick plates and 35# hot-rolled coils. If clients have special needs, BBN STEEL ca
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-11 10:41:37

Will API 5L grade B steel coil prices remain volatile today

Yesterday, API 5L grade B steel coil prices fell slightly in major cities of China. Today, the black commodity futures market fluctuated and closed down 0.26%, while the spot market had a strong wait-and-see mood, and the API 5L grade B steel coil busines
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-11 10:05:37

Q345E low alloy steel plate stock specification

Q345E to GB/T 1591-2008 standard is a low alloy high strength structural steel. The company mainly supply various of high quality alloy and carbon steel plates, Q345E round bars and plates, which are widely used in petroleum, building, chemical industry,
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-10 11:41:20

Forecast of 51CrV4 flat steel market this week

Last week, the continuous rise of futures and steel billets boosted the business mentality of merchants. The downstream was boosted by this, the market trading atmosphere was warming up, the shipment volume was large, and the market price mainstream was g
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-10 11:13:13

API 5L X52 steel demand is expected to continue to recover

With the stability of the domestic epidemic situation and the continuous improvement of China's economic policies, the commonness of API 5L X52 steel market in recent years mostly comes from the optimistic expectation at the macro level, which pro
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-08 10:27:29

Production technology of API 5L X60 PSL1 pipeline steel

API 5L X60 PSL1 pipeline steel is widely used in the field of long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas. As API 5L X60 PSL1 pipeline steel requires good impact toughness and DWTT performance, low carbon + niobium composition design is generally
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-06 15:09:22

It is expected that S460NL plate market will be stronger tomorrow

Today, S460NL plate market tends to be strong and volatile, 25% hr coil stable, 3% down, 72% up; 32% S460NL plate and other medium plate stable, 3% down, 65% up.The growth of S460NL plate and other medium plate markets slowed down, and the shortage prices
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-05 15:29:34

Localization of large single weight extra thick Cr Mo steel plate

A few days ago, the Cr Mo steel plate with thickness of 172 mm and weight of 49.58 tons provided by BBN steel was delivered to the customer and will be used in oil refining projects. The thickness and single weight of this batch of Cr Mo steel products ar
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-08-04 15:05:07

Q690D high strength steel plate July stock

1) Grade: Q390A, Q390B, Q390C, Q390D, Q390E, Q420C, Q420D, Q420E,Q460C, Q460D, Q460E, Q550C, Q550D, Q550E, Q690, Q690C, Q690D, Q690E, Q690F, Q800C, Q800D, Q800E, Q800F, SM570, HG70C, HG70D, HG70E, HG785D, HG785E
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-31 11:11:52

API 5L X52 PSL2 steel material market is expected to be relatively optimistic

In July, the PMI of the steel industry was 49.2%, down 0.1% from the previous month, and the steel industry remained relatively stable. The sub index shows that the growth rate of API 5L X52 PSL2 steel material production has dropped, the market demand is
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-31 11:00:43

API 5L X65 PSL2 steel market forecast this month

Today's black futures fluctuated weakly. In the morning, API 5L X65 PSL2 steel prices in most areas of China rose steadily and slightly. From the perspective of transactions, the volatile operation of futures disks has a certain impact on the spot
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-30 10:58:09

SPCC cold rolled coil market price July 28 in China

on July 28, the quotations of SPCC cold-rolled coils in China cold-rolling market were basically stable, and market transactions were weak. According to feedback from traders: the trend of electronic futures is weak, market quotations are basically stable
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-29 11:36:04

Why is the price of ASTM A514 plate high even with high yield low demand

From April, the output of ASTM A514 plate recovered rapidly. In May, the average daily output of crude steel reached a record high, and in June it reached a record high. In July, the average daily output of crude steel remained at a high level of about 3
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-29 11:14:11

Vietnam 374.56 Tons A588 Gr.A Steel Plate

1.Background Information
This customer is a most reliable international engineering service provider. On top of that, 3 factories has been build up in 3 countries such as Taiwan, China and Vietnam. They purchased for their cyclone equipment construction
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-07-28 17:01:26

Thailand 379 tons SA210-A1 Multi Lead Rifled Seamless Boiler Tube

1.Background Information
Henan Bebon Iron &Steel has the very good cooperation with a Thailand customer. He is our regular customer. We cooperated with each other since 2016. Every year they purchased more than 300,000 USD every kind of steel product
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-07-28 16:49:37

Thailand 376 Tons SA210-A1 Single H finned tube

1. Background Information
Henan Bebon Iron &Steel has the very good cooperation with a Thailand customer. He is our regular customer. We cooperated with each other since 2016. Every year they purchased more than 300,000 USD every kind of steel produc
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-07-28 16:02:01

Thailand 314 tons SA423GR.1 Seamless steel tube

1.Background Information
Henan Bebon Iron &Steel has the very good cooperation with a Thailand customer. He is our regular customer. We cooperated with each other since 2016. Every year they purchased more than 300,000 USD every kind of steel product
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-07-28 15:34:58

Belgium 356 Tons E355+SR cold drawn seamless pipe

1.Background Information
The customer has 200 years of passion for metal, and their machinery ability including Laser cutting, Laser punching, Pressing, Bending, Welding, Spot welding, Stud welding, Sawing, Milling,
Turning, Tapping, Drilling, Wood mill
Category: [Case Show] Time:2020-07-28 15:28:30

Q355NHD grade steel

Q355NHD grade steel has the characteristics of high-quality steel such as strength and toughness, ductility, forming, welding and cutting, abrasion, high temperature and fatigue resistance. We have 500 tons atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel plates pro
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-28 15:24:19

ASTM A572 carbon steel price still has room to rise in the second half of the year

Since the beginning of this year, the market price of ASTM A572 carbon steel in China has shown a trend of first falling and then rising. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was basically stable in January, and steel prices fell sharply after the Spring Festival.
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What is the chemical composition of of A203GrE steel?

A203GrE steel plate belongs to ultra-low temperature container plate. A203Gr has good impact toughness and mechanical properties in low temperature environment, and is usually used in low temperature environment of -70~-101℃ (the tempered state can reach
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-27 16:06:24

Market price of hot rolled steel on July 21, 2020

On July 21, the average price of 4.75mm hot rolled steel plates and coils in 24 major cities across the country was 4095 yuan/ton, an increase of 7 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.On the whole, the market has a strong wait-and-see sentiment. The ex
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-22 14:27:29

The hr mild steel coil prices will become stronger today

On July 21, the average price of 4.75mm hr mild steel coil in 24 major cities in China increased 1 usd/ton from the previous trading day. Yesterday, the black commodity futures market fluctuated upward, and the spot market was more optimistic, with mercha
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-22 13:59:23

What factors caused 40Cr steel price change in June

In June, the growth of the main steel industry accelerated, and the demand for steel in the domestic market was strong. However, due to the rapid release of steel production capacity, steel exports continued to decline, the market situation of oversupply
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-21 11:32:07

A283 Gr C steel price is expected to be up this week

Under the stimulation of macro policies, the market bullish mentality is high. When the accumulated rising A283 Gr C steel coil social inventory and the continuously increasing steel mill capacity encounter the seasonal off-season influence, the falling r
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-20 16:03:21

Customized size A516 grade 60 tank plate with fast delivery for you

BBN steel has been engaged in pressure vessel and boiler steel such as A516 grade 60 tank plate, as well as all kinds of other steel materials for many years. We are not only an experienced steel plates manufacture, but also a well known steel stock keepe
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Zhengzhou medium thick plate A572 grade 60 price is mainly stable

On July 17th, the price of Zhengzhou medium thick plate is mainly stable. The market price of Q235B steel plate 10mm is 4270 yuan/ton, the market price of Q235B plate 14-25mm is 4020 yuan/ton, and the market price of BBN steel A572 grade 60 alloy steel.
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A36-Cr alloy steel plate stock

A36-Cr steel is made of A36 carbon steel by adding Cr element. Our company can supply alloy steel plate A36-Cr 500 tons in Shanghai warehouse. For A36 carbon steel or A36-Cr alloy steel plates stock price, pls feel free to contact us.
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EN S355J2 low alloy steel plate stock list

EN S355J2 low alloy steel plate is high strength structural steel under European steel standard EN 10025-2. S355J2 steel plate needs to do low temperature impact under minus 20 centigrade. That also means S355J2 low alloy steel plate can work well under l
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What is the hardness of 40Cr material?

40Cr steel delivery status: annealed
Hardness of 40Cr material ≤207HBS.
40Cr material is a medium carbon modulation steel, cold heading die steel. The steel is moderately priced and easy to process. After proper heat treatment, certain toughness, plasti
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-15 11:11:11

AR500 wear resistant plate is used in the wine brewing industry

Recently, we have successfully delivered more than 360 tons of 1500MPa high-grade AR500 wear resistant plate for a large wine brewing enterprise. 1500MPa is a high-grade wear-resistant steel used in wine brewing industry.In order to meet customers&#39
Category: [Company News] Time:2020-07-15 10:49:11

20Cr alloy steel factory

40# steel is a high-quality carbon structural steel, 40# represents a carbon content of 0.40%, the actual content is 0.37% ~ 0.44%. High quality means that the content of P and S is required, the content of p must not be greater than 0.035%, the content o
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