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New cooperation about Seamless Steel Pipe

Bebon Internationa has 20 production lines of 10-200 ton cold-drawing machines and 3 production lines of hot rolling seamless steel tubes including 6 advanced flaw testing equipment like eddy current flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, direct reading spectrometer, hydrostatic testing machine, metallographic tester and so on. It specializes in producing various sized cold-drawing and hot rolling seamless steel tubes of ɸ8-ɸ159x1-20 with annual production of 300,000 tons.

New cooperation about Seamless Steel Pipe
The customers from India to visit our factory and was satisfied with professional and advanced production equipment which makes the quality reach the advanced level.Bebon showed them the impact testing machine and the tensile testing machine. After watching the whole process flow of seamless steel pipe, we contribute a long term cooperation.
Seamless Steel Pipe stock used for low and medium pressure boiler, high pressure boiler, ship-building, Liquid service, petroleum cracking, chemical fertilizer equipment, Drawing-oil-equipment and structure purposes.



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