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2559 ton 30CrMo Alloy steel pipe to Petro-vietnam in Vietnam

Bebon offered 2559 ton 30CrMo ALloy steel pipe to Petro Vietnam in 2017,which is used to Termic Engineering project. The project need the quality strictly according to the standard.

products 30CrMo steel pipe
type seamless
Grade 30CrMo steel pipe
weight 2559 ton
Customer In Vietnam
project name Termic Engineering project
Inspection Size, weight, quantity, package,chemical composition, mechanical property
Year 2017

Order details:





1 30CrMo 114 22 More 6000 387.55
2 30CrMo 152 26 More 6000 846.35
3 30CrMo 152 16 More 6000 396.15
4 30CrMo 159 20 More 6000 415.2
5 30CrMo 146 23 More 6000 342.05
6 30CrMo 203 60 More 6000 172.25



Mill test certificate

30CrMo Alloy steel pipe

Inspection pictures

Dimension check:

30CrMo Alloy steel pipe

Products pictures

30CrMo Alloy steel pipe

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