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318.1 ton 2Cr13 round bars to Russia

1.Background Information
In November 2019 Clients from Russia visit us and want to know more about BBN to build a long relationship with us. They have a big demand of 2Cr13 round bars with diameter 140mm and 180mm to do machining work to be drilling tools, and our strong advantage in offering these drilling tools raw material make us begin to build a steady cooperation relationship with Russian clients. Soon he placed 318tons of 2Cr13 round bars to BBN. Client is very satisfied with our offered goods and regard BBN a qualified supplier, and plan to build a long-term cooperation.

This client is very professional in design and manufacture of downhole drilling motors for directional, vertical and horizontal drilling, which make them have a direct dialog with the drilling companies all over the world and understanding their problems and needs. They runs large manufacturing base and service center, equipped with advanced equipment, CNC milling and grinding machines and all the necessary testing stations and assembly sites. Their research and engineering departments are continuously working to improve and develop new products in accordance with the highest industry requirements and bring new technical solutions to the market, which make them occupy a very important position in the Russian market and around countries' market, and they have strick quality and technical demanding, which is also why they choose us to be steady supplier.

2.Henan Bebon Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Head Office and Clients
2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars

3.Round bars production process and equipment
2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars

4.Inspection Of 2Cr13 round bars
A.Visual checking of the round bar surface and marking.
2Cr13 round bars

B.size checking
2Cr13 round bars

C.Packaging checking
2Cr13 round bars

5. 2Cr13 round bars mill test certificate
2Cr13 round bars2Cr13 round bars

6.Clients final applications--drilling tools
2Cr13 round bars

7.The round bar size we can produce:
Hot rolled round bar:Dia 12-360mm
Forged round bar:Dia 80-600mm
2Cr13 round bars

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