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2000 tons ASTM A36 carbon steel plate to Peru in 2015

In the year of 2015, customer from Peru oil refinery contact with us from Internet. After one month’s negotation and quotation, they chose us as there supplier of raw steel plate grade ASTM A36. We get an trail order of 300tons in April. When the first ship arrived, they inspect the steel plate and very happy with the quality we supply. Then they put another 1700 tons order, we sent to them within 90 days. Bebon company management group visit the customer in the beginning of 2016 and the visit is very sucessful.
Now customer make long term supply contract with us. We are now get new order of 900 tons and is in production at present.
ASTM A36 Steel Plate 
ASTM A36 loading pictures:
The following is the loading of the ASTM A36 steel plate in bulk vessel.
ASTM A36 carbon steel plate

ASTM A36 carbon steel plate4.jpg

ASTM A36 steel plate SGS test
The customer of Peru has strict requirement for the steel plate quality. They chose SGS to test the plate each time.
ASTM A36 carbon steel plate

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