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Hardness 360-444 brinell wear resistant AR400 steel sheet

AR400 steel sheet is a wear-resistant material known for its high hardness and toughness, ranging from 360 to 444 Brinell hardness. This specialized steel sheet is designed to withstand abrasive wear and impact in demanding applications where components are subjected to severe wear conditions.

The Brinell hardness range of 360-444 indicates the steel sheet's ability to resist deformation and indentation under applied loads. AR400 steel is commonly used in industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing, and material handling where abrasion resistance is crucial.

The exceptional hardness of AR400 steel provides effective protection against abrasion and wear, extending the lifespan of machinery, equipment, and structures exposed to harsh environments. By offering superior wear resistance properties, AR400 steel sheets help reduce maintenance costs and increase the durability of components operating in highly abrasive settings, making them a reliable choice for applications requiring robust wear protection.

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