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1526 Tons ASTM A36 Steel Plates to Sri Lanka

1.Background Information
Our client Colombo Dockyard is a state of the art engineering entity that operates four graving dry docks with a maximum capacity of 125,000 DWT and extensive repair berth facilities along with fully fledged workshops.Routine dry docking repairs, major layup repairs, collision damages, conversions and retrofits are professionally expedited. They also have extensive experience in machinery, piping, steel, electricals and electronics.Their main business scope are Ship repair, Ship building,Offshore engineering,Heavy engineering.
They have purchased our ASTM A36 steel plates for dry docks project in 2020.A36 steel plates

2.Henan Bebon Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Head Office & TeamsA36 steel plates

3.Our WarehouseA36 steel plates

4.Our cargo photo in warehouse with markingA36 steel plates

5.Dimension measurement by BBN inspector

Specification: Steel plate 6*2400*9000A36 steel plates

Specification: Steel plate 7*2400*9000A36 steel plates

Specification: Steel plate 8*2400*9000A36 steel plates

6.The cargo in the bulk vesselA36 steel plates

7.EN10204. 3.1MTCA36 steel platesA36 steel platesA36 steel plates

8.Original Certificate & Bill of LadingA36 steel platesA36 steel plates

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