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Uzbekistan 1830 tons 12MnK U-Beam 18UY

1.Background Information
In January 2020, our client ordered 1830 Tons 12MnK U-Beam for Mine timbering. This customer is our regular client and is the largest steel importer in Uzbekistan, We've been working together for 5 years. In recent years, due to the Belt and Road Policy developing, China government has strongly supported trade cooperation in Central Asia. and more and more chinese products have entered to Central Asian market by train transportation meathod. Zhengzhou is the main transportation and railway hub in this policy, and our office is localed in Zhengzhou city, and our office is very close to train station, that will be more convenient to arrange shipment. At present, we are also negotiating and drafting agency agreements with our client, which also lays the foundation for closer cooperation in the future.

2.Customer visit BBN12MnK U-Beam

3.U-Beam production workshop12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam

4.18UY Hot Rolled U-Beam Drawing12MnK U-Beam

5. 12MnK U-Beam production in mill12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam

6.Transport & shipment of 12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam

7. Label of 12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam

8. The model of U-Beam we can supply12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam

9.Mill Test Certificate of the 12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam

10.Railway Bill & CO of the 12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam12MnK U-Beam

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