533 tons 42CrMo4 steel strips to India

1. Background Information
Our client is a specialized automotive supplier of mechatronical systems, precision components and motors with capabilities spanning right from concept to production. One in three vehicles made in India is fitted with their product.Their business range including Automotive systems,Motors &electronics,Connective systems,Precision components,Precision Tooling..They have 8 plant in Indian.

They purchased our 42CrMo4 steel strips for their auto line for precision components.we have cooperated with each other from 2018, our high quality and good service has won high praise and trust from customers. They always repeat order every month,size :4.5X31mm and 5x80mm ,they become our regular client now.

For technical condition requirement: Wall thickness tolerance:+/-0.05mm,
Width tolerance:+/-0.5mm, Spheriodization , CR+AC(Annealed to achive spherodization of Carbides)
UTS(Mpa):470-520MPA Yield:Ra0.2(Mpa):310-360MPA ,
Elongation(%) :27%
surface : Rust and scrach free

2. Henan Bebon Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Head Office & Teams
42CrMo4 steel strips42CrMo4 steel strips3. Our Warehouse42CrMo4 steel strips

4. Dimensional measurement42CrMo4 steel strips5. Slitting coil42CrMo4 steel strips6. Hardness test and Tensile test42CrMo4 steel strips

7. Packing42CrMo4 steel strips42CrMo4 steel strips

8. Marking42CrMo4 steel strips9. Shipment in container42CrMo4 steel strips

10. Certificate of origin42CrMo4 steel strips

11. Bill of loading42CrMo4 steel strips

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