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1236 Tons S275JR steel plate, cutting plate & CCS-A bulb flat To Nigeria

1. Background Information
In 2019, we first met this customer's company in Nigeria, they plan to purchase a batch of steel plates for the company to build 5 barges. After we learned about each other's strengths, we began to trust each other and negotiated the details of the order, the products of this order relate to the deck, crossing beam, side shell, cabin, etc. of the barge. Because some product processing are involved, BBN's technical engineers produced processing drawings overnight to confirm the processing details. After more than one month of negotiations, both of us finally confirmed that we have reached an agreement on the details of the contract, the customer purchased the first batch of products to build the first barge.S275JR Cutting PlatesS275JR Cutting PlatesS275JR Cutting PlatesS275JR Cutting Plates

2. Henan Bebon Iron&Steel Co. , Ltd Head OfficeBebon steel

3. Our WarehouseS275JR steel plate

4. Cutting plates according to the drawings of customer's request
1) Regarding the plates:
Executed Standard and Steel Grade: EN10025-2:2004, S275JR
Dimensional Tolerance: EN10029-1991, Thickness Tolerance Class B, Flatness Class N, Surface as per EN10163-2:2004 class A, subclass 3

2) Regarding the bevel of plates:
Technical Requirements: One side, base 5mm, 30 degree groove
Processing Tolerance: Length and width 0~5mm, angle±5 degree, base±1mmS275JR cutting plateS275JR cutting plateS275JR cutting plateS275JR cutting plate

5. Finished goods - S275JR Cutting Plates
Each processed cutting board has its own serial number, which can correspond to the raw material steel plate before processing, so as to control and trace product performance and qualityS275JR Cutting Plates

6. Finished goods - CCS-A Bulb Flat
Executed Standard: CCS Classification Society regulation. EN10067-1997CCS-A Bulb FlatCCS-A Bulb Flat

7. Finished goods - S275JR Steel PlatesS275JR Steel PlatesS275JR Steel Plates

8. BEBON Q/C Department inspectionS275JR cutting plateS275JR cutting plateS275JR cutting plate

9. Packing
1) Cutting platesS275JR cutting plateS275JR cutting plateS275JR cutting plate

2) Steel PlatesS275JR steel plateS275JR steel plate

10. Photos of shipmentS275JR steel plate

11. EN10204. 3. 1 CertificateEN10204. 3. 1 CertificateEN10204. 3. 1 CertificateEN10204. 3. 1 Certificate

12. Bill of LadingBill of Lading

13. Bebon's Processing CapacityProcessing CapacityProcessing CapacityProcessing CapacityProcessing Capacity

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