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BBN high-end wear-resistant steel NM500-DBJ realizes import substitution

On February 1, a new batch of 30 tons of high-end new wear-resistant steel NM500-DBJ produced by BBN Steel rolled off the production line and will be delivered to a large domestic engineering machinery manufacturing company for use in key parts of high-end hydraulic balers, successfully achieving import substitution. Up to now, BBN steel's new high-end wear-resistant steel NM500-DBJ has produced more than 400 tons in total.

High-end hydraulic balers are used for cutting, crushing, compressing and baling scrap steel. In order to ensure good crushing, compression performance and service life of the baler, users have extremely strict requirements on material bending, welding and other performance requirements. Previously, this user had been using imported products for the steel used in key parts of its high-end hydraulic balers.

BBN wear-resistant steel technical marketing team carried out special technical exchanges with users, introduced and demonstrated the research and development principles, performance indicators, application areas, supply users and technical services of BBN Steel wear-resistant steel products, and finally won the trust of users and successfully won the contract.

During the production process, BBN technical R&D personnel optimized the product composition design and process plan, implemented high-drawn carbon supplementary blowing mode in the converter during the steelmaking process, operated according to the nitrogen control mode throughout the smelting process, optimized the use of protective slag, and put into use electromagnetic stirring equipment. At the same time, BBN also innovates the heat treatment process, adopting lower austenitizing insulation temperature, multi-stage temperature-controlled quenching process and three-stage quenching cooling process, and strengthening the control of key process parameters to enhance the wear resistance of the entire plate. After the product was delivered, BBN also sent dedicated personnel to track the entire process and provide relevant technical services in bending and welding in a timely manner, which was highly recognized by users.

Since 2023, BBN steel has continued to increase its research and development and technical research on wear-resistant steel products, making every effort to provide users with personalized product design and better material solutions, and has developed high-end wear-resistant steel NM400-LK, 1500 MPa ultra-high wear-resistant steel NM500D-XT, which has excellent strength and comprehensive performance, has replaced imported products and is the first domestic product, as well as industry-leading application technologies such as high-quality welding technology for gigabit ultra-high-strength steel.

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