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855.72 tons SAE1008 CRC steel coils exported to Brazil

1.Background Information
In 2021, Brazil joined the list of the 15 leading countries in energy capacity in the world, a market that has been heating up year after year. Our customer is very famous in Brazil for the Electronic accessories, such as smart locks, cameras, mice, keyboards, etc. They are currently developing a new project, solar panels, which has a big plan in the solar panels, they need the SAE 1008 cold rolled steel coils every quarter, especially the 0.9*1500mm and 1.20*1500mm items, lots of mills can’t manufacture the 1500mm width cold rolled coil.

After this time cooperation, we have signed the long-time sales contract with the customer.SAE1008 CRC steel coilsSAE1008 CRC steel coils

2.Henan Bebon Iron &Steel Co., Ltd Head Office & TeamsSAE1008 CRC steel coils

3.Our QC Department InspectionSAE1008 CRC steel coils


4.BBN Packing:SAE1008 CRC steel coils


5.Delivery Photos and Goods in Bulk VesselSAE1008 CRC steel coils

6.Mill CertificatesSAE1008 CRC steel coilsSAE1008 CRC steel coils

7.Original Certificate & Bill of LadingSAE1008 CRC steel coilsSAE1008 CRC steel coils

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