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BBN Group successfully developed X70 pipeline steel

Recently, BBN Group's 3000mm production line successfully produced 46 tons of X70 pipeline steel in 10mm-20mm specifications. X70 pipeline steel has a low-temperature impact toughness of more than 300 Joules and a drop weight tear (DWTT) minimum shear surface area of more than 90%. It is a high-grade pipeline steel grade with strict process requirements and high production difficulty. It is widely used in the West and East Gas Transmission, China-Russia natural gas pipeline and other national key projects.

The development of X70 pipeline steel was led by the BBN Group Technology Research Center. Technicians simulated process points in advance to discover and optimize the equipment operating status. After many discussions, the experimental plan was determined. Technicians in each link of the production process tracked and recorded the entire process. Achieving full-process control of rolling provides a strong technical guarantee for the successful development of products.

The successful development of X70 pipeline steel marks that the production capacity of BBN's 3000 mm production line has reached the leading level of similar equipment. Its strict production process control requirements also provide valuable experience for BBN Group's product transformation and upgrading, and to catch up with the domestic advanced level.

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