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BBN bridge steel plates help build India's longest cross-sea bridge

Recently, India's longest cross-sea bridge, the "Atal Setu" bridge connecting Mumbai to Navi Mumbai, was officially opened to traffic. The bridge uses BBN bridge steel plate SM570, totaling 7,000 tons.

As one of the main raw material suppliers of the project, BBN steel leveraged its team synergy advantages during the production process to form a project responsibility team and tailor-made exclusive technical specifications and process requirements for the project, maximizing the satisfaction of a series of personalized requirements for users. During the acceptance and manufacturing process, BBN product quality and performance were stable, and the delivery schedule fully met the project construction requirements, ensuring the project construction period.

For a long time, BBN steel has closely followed the pace of technological innovation in bridge construction in the world, paid attention to the development direction of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and life-cycle management of the bridge industry, continuously increased investment in research and development of bridge steel, carried out research and application work of new generation high-performance bridge steel, and rapidly upgraded its products. BBN steel has now formed a batch supply capacity of Q345q - Q500q, weather resistant (including non coating) bridge steel series (including weather resistant connection and welding steel), stainless steel composite plates for bridges and other full series and multiple categories, contributing to the "BBN strength" of "Chinese bridges" from large rivers to mountainous areas and oceans, and from domestic to overseas.

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