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BBN 5.5Ni steel was successfully delivered to overseas customers

Recently, BBN steel delivered 5.5Ni steel for ultra-low temperature (minus 196 degrees Celsius) tanks, making a positive contribution to breaking foreign monopoly and breaking through "stuck neck" technology in China's manufacturing field.

This batch of 5.5Ni steel plates delivered by BBN Steel will be used in a large foreign chemical ultra-low temperature pressure storage tank project. This project has very high requirements for low temperature performance. Based on the successful development of nickel-based low-temperature steel in recent years, BBN steel has increased its research and development efforts, overcome the problems of complex production process parameters and difficult heat treatment control, and successfully developed 5.5Ni steel with excellent low-temperature performance, becoming the first domestic company and one of the few companies in the world to be able to mass-produce this type of steel.

5.5Ni steel is a "rising star" in the low-temperature nickel steel family. It has excellent low-temperature properties and is widely used in the manufacture of transportation and storage tank devices such as liquefied ethylene and liquefied natural gas. It has the characteristics of difficult welding and complex process parameters. In the process of R&D and production conversion, BBN steel developed a special supporting process technology for 5.5Ni steel, which successfully solved many problems in the production process. The comprehensive performance of the steel plate is excellent, and the overall technical performance of the product has reached the international leading level.

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