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Bangladesh customer visited our company for P355GH Steel Plates & Dish Ends for Tank Manufacturing

At the end of December 2023, our customer from Bangladesh visited our office to discuss his order. We had quoted for this project and talked a lot with the customer before he came to China. We made a deal during the meeting and had a nice day.

At the very beginning, we took a photo with the client with our LOGO wall as the background.

We introduced some big projects we have done before to the client:

The client also visited our main office and greeted our colleagues. Our colleagues warmly welcomed this client.

In our meeting room, we played an introduction video of our company. Through the video, the client can learn more details about our company and products.

The customer was very impressed with our company. Then he decided to pay some cash as a deposit for his order.

As he had little time to stay in our city, he just left and went back to Bangladesh the same day.

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