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Why optimize the hydropower station bifurcated pipe structure

In the past two to three decades, domestic and foreign water conservancy and hydropower undertakings have developed vigorously. Penstock is an integral part of water conveyance structures in water conservancy and hydropower projects. When a steel pipe needs to supply multiple units, or a part of the flow needs to be taken away from the steel pipe for other purposes, a bifurcated pipe is required. The high-pressure bifurcated pipe structure at the end of the penstock is a typical space thin shell structure, which is the throat of a hydropower station. The design of the bifurcated pipe is one of the important contents in the design of the steel pipe.

The stress characteristics of bifurcated pipe structure are closely related to the type of bifurcated pipe structure, the parameter selection of bifurcated angle and the geological environment and conditions. In addition, there are many kinds of bifurcated pipes, and the parameters provided by different bifurcated pipes are very different. Therefore, it is very necessary to optimize the design of bifurcated pipe structure.

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