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1500 Tons A572 Gr50 American Standard H beams To Honduras

1.Background Information
Our customer is very large steel trader and stockist in Honduras. They have monthly inventory plan for American standard H-beams. We maintain a close cooperative relationship and continue to provide customers with the best products and the best prices. Because we are familiar with the production schedule of steel mills and keep very good connection with mills, we can provide production schedules to customers quickly, allowing customers to arrange inventory in time, and the delivery time is also very fast.

In addition, we usually have a large inventory of section profile, including American/European/Australian/Japanese standard H beams, channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, which can meet the urgent needs of our customers and can be arranged delivery in 3-5 days. For each order, clients arrange the third party to inspect all goods, and the result is qualified. Therefore, customers are very satisfied with our products and delivery time, and now maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with us, and we ship goods to them in batches according to client's need.

2.Henan Bebon Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Head Office & Teams

A572 Gr50 H beams

3.Production Line and Stock Warehouse

A572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beams

4.Inspection Before Delivery

A572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beams

5.Goods At Tianjin Port

A572 Gr50 H beams

6.Mill Test Certificate of A572 GR50 H Beams

A572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beams

7.Original Certificate & Bill of Lading

A572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beamsA572 Gr50 H beams

8.The Material and Standard Size of Section Profile We Can Produce

A572 Gr50 H beams

What's more, we can also supply welded H beams according to clients' special size and drawing:

A572 Gr50 H beams

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