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What is 20Mn2 carburized steel

Introduction to 20Mn2 carburized steel:
20Mn2 is an alloy structural steel and also a carburized steel. Executive standard: GB/T 3077-1999. 20Mn2 carburized steel has medium strength, high plasticity during cold deformation, good low temperature performance, and acceptable weldability and machinability. Compared with carbon steel with corresponding carbon content, 20Mn2 steel has higher hardenability, and the critical hardenable diameter in oil is 4-15 mm, but it has the tendency of overheating, decarburization sensitivity and temper brittleness during heat treatment. Because 20Mn2 carburized steel has suitable hardenability, after suitable metal heat treatment, the microstructure is uniform sorbite, bainite or extremely fine pearlite, so it has high tensile strength.

Chemical composition of 20Mn2 carburized steel:
Carbon C: 0.17-0.24
Silicon Si: 0.17-0.37
Manganese Mn: 1.40-1.80
Phosphorus P: ≤0.025
Sulfur S: ≤0.025
Chromium Cr: ≤0.30
Nickel Ni: ≤0.30
Copper Cu: ≤0.25

Mechanical properties of 20Mn2 carburized steel:
Tensile strength≥785MPa
Yield limit≥590MPa
Area shrinkage ≥40%
Shock absorption energy≥47Aku2/J
Hardness: ≤187HB

20Mn2 carburized steel application:
20Mn2 carburized steel is used to manufacture carburized parts with low requirements on the surface and the core, and the diameter of the section size is less than 50mm; Cross pin head, diesel engine sleeve, valve ejector, transmission lever, steel sleeve, etc. In addition, 20Mn2 steel can also be used to manufacture riveted weldments and screws, nuts, etc. in the hot-rolled and normalized state.

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