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Types of penstock channel gates

Classification of penstock channel gates:
1. According to the working nature of the penstock channel gate, it can be divided into service gate, bulkhead gate and emergency gate. The material of the gate is divided into cast iron gate, ball milled cast iron gate, steel gate, stainless steel gate and composite gate.

① The service gate, also known as the main gate, can be opened and closed in moving water.

② The bulkhead gate is set in front of the service gate and is used for short-term water retaining during maintenance of buildings or service gates. It is generally opened and closed in still water;

③ Emergency gates are mostly set in front of deep hole service gates, which can be closed in dynamic water and opened in still water in case of accidents of buildings or equipment; It is also called emergency bulkhead gate when it is also used as bulkhead gate;

④ Fast gate is an emergency gate that needs to be closed within a limited time.

2. According to the relative position between the gate top and the water surface when the gate is closed, it is divided into open top gate and DTH gate.

3. According to the appearance shape of the gate leaf, it is divided into plane gate, radial gate, miter gate, arch gate, spherical gate and cylindrical gate.

4. According to the materials for manufacturing the gate leaf, it is divided into steel gate, cast iron copper inlaid gate, wood gate, reinforced concrete gate and composite material gate.

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