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Standards verified by bridge steel formwork manufacturers

Standards verified by bridge steel formwork manufacturers:
The bridge steel formwork and its support must be firm, rigid and stable, and sufficient support area is necessary.

The problems of bridge steel formwork include inaccurate cross-section size, excessive concrete cover and column deformation. The preventive measure is to adjust the position line according to the drawing before supporting the die. The reinforcement position shall be corrected, and the front column shall be made with the steel formwork of the small square plate bridge beam to ensure the accuracy of the lower position. Create braces and tie rods at the four corners of the design column, and design the size and spacing of column hoops, depending on the cross-sectional size and height of the column.

The problems of bridge steel formwork are that the beam body is not straight, the beam bottom is uneven, the beam edge is protruding, the opening at the beam top is too large, and the plate in the beam center is bent downward. The preventive measures are as follows. The steel formwork design of beams and plates shall determine the size and spacing of keels and columns. This makes the bridge steel formwork support system strong and rigid enough to prevent deformation.

The lower part of the bridge steel formwork column is supported on the solid ground with long scaffold board to prevent the column from sinking. The beam and plate steel formwork are arched according to the design requirements to prevent excessive deflection. The bridge steel formwork opening must be locked with tie rods to prevent upper opening deformation.

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