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Requirements for steel gratings used in water treatment

Steel gratings are widely used due to their large bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance. Among them, the wide application of steel grating products in sewage treatment plants requires special characteristics.

Take the sewage treatment plant operating platform as an example, the environment is very special. The environment is humid, acid-base corrosion, load-bearing, etc. This requires that the span and load of the steel grating must be within the standard range, otherwise it is prone to potential safety accidents. To achieve this, it does not matter to ensure that the raw materials of the steel grating work platform are real materials. The specific steel grating plate height, thickness, and center spacing are all required in detail, and steel gratings of different sizes are required. There are strict standards for load and span.

At the same time, it also involves a torque problem. It is necessary to determine the force direction of the steel grating work platform. The torque and force direction of the steel grating are uncertain, and the load and span are impossible to talk about. Therefore, when designing steel grating platform drawings and actually installing steel grating work platforms, you must be careful and not careless.

Secondly, there is the requirement of non-slip. Since the steel grating work platform of the sewage treatment plant is always used in a wet and slippery environment, slip resistance is an element that has to be considered. In particular, workers must wear rubber work protective gear, and pay more attention to non-slip.

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