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Q245R HIC Q245R (R-HIC) hydrogen resistant steel plate

Q245R (HIC) - I refers to the steel grade Q245R hydrogen sulfide corrosion resistant steel plate. The corrosion test is only conducted for hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), and the composition requires melting analysis P ≤ 0.015, S ≤ 0.003; Finished product analysis P ≤ 0.015, S ≤ 0.004.

Q245R (HIC) hydrogen resistant steel plate chemical composition:
Smelting analysis:
C ≤0.20, Si ≤0.35, Mn 0.50-1.00, AL ≥0.020, Ca 0.0015-0.0030, O ≤0.004, CE ≤0.36

Note: (1) The Ca value is for reference only and is not used as an acceptance condition. The content of Ca and O can be replaced by the analysis value of finished products;
(2) The calculation formula of carbon equivalent (CE) is as follows: CE=C+Mn/6+(Cu+Ni)/15+(Cr+Mo+V)/5
(3) In order to improve the properties of steel plate, some microalloy elements can be added.

Smelting method
The smelting method of electric furnace+external refining is adopted, and the smelting process is subject to Ca treatment, and it shall be essentially fine grain steel, with the actual grain size of grade 5 or above.

Q245R (HIC) hydrogen resistant steel plate delivery status:

Sample status: all steel plates shall undergo simulated post-weld heat treatment for their test samples. The recommended simulated post-weld heat treatment temperature is 620 ± 10 ℃, the heat preservation time is 8 hours, the temperature is above 400 ℃, and the temperature rise and fall speed is ≤ 150 ℃/h. If it is inconsistent with the recommended heat treatment system, the specific simulated post-weld heat treatment system shall be noted in the contract.

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