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How to reasonably control the quality of welding process of oil storage tank

Unqualified welding quality of oil storage tanks is prone to hidden dangers such as oil tank steel plate cracks and leakage. If you want to avoid this situation as much as possible, it needs to be avoided when the oil storage tank is manufactured. Scientific and reasonable measures are adopted to control the welding quality when welding oil storage tanks. How to reasonably control the welding process quality of oil storage tanks?

1. Before welding the oil tank, comprehensively assess the professional skills of the welding personnel to ensure that the operators meet the corresponding welding qualifications. According to the technical standards, scientific and feasible process requirements are actually formulated.

2. In the process of welding the edge plate, one side of the edge plate needs to be welded to make the edge plate have a free shrinkage effect and greatly reduce the residual stress of the welding seam.

3. Start with the short welds with smaller shrinkage, and control the small plates with the edge of the plate through the spot welding operation, so as to carry out the re-matching and welding operations in time. According to the actual shrinkage of the short welds, the team pairing work should be carried out reasonably.

4. In the process of actual welding of oil storage tanks, operators will use more arc-shaped plates for tailor-welding to better adapt to the larger volume of oil storage tanks. In order to effectively control the deformation of the welding seam of the oil storage tank, a scientific and accurate prefabricated bottom plate is required. In the process of prefabricating the bottom plate of the oil storage tank, it is necessary to strictly follow the technical requirements for the construction of the oil storage tank. At the same time, it is also necessary to clarify the external dimensions according to its actual manufacturing standards, so that it has sufficient shrinkage.

5. In order to ensure the implementation effect of the entire welding operation, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining a uniform speed effect to ensure uniform distribution of spot welding and welds.

After the steel plate of the oil storage tank is welded, do the corresponding inspection work to detect whether the weld is deformed, and correct it if it exists.

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