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Application range of UNS Alloy 625 steel

Application areas of UNS Alloy 625 steel include:

Low carbon alloy 625 steel after soft annealing is widely used in the chemical process industry. Its good corrosion resistance and high strength enable it to be used as thin structural components. Alloy 625 steel can be used in applications where it is exposed to seawater and is subject to high mechanical stress. Typical application areas:

1. Components of organic chemical processes containing chlorides, especially where acidic chloride catalysts are used.

2. Digesters and bleaching tanks for manufacturing pulp and paper industry.

3. Absorption tower, reheater, flue gas inlet baffle, fan (humidity), agitator, guide plate and flue in the flue gas desulfurization system.

4. For manufacturing equipment and components used in sour gas environments.

5. Acetic acid and acetic anhydride reaction generator.

6. Sulfuric acid condenser.

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