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Thailand-1121.10 Tons ABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

1.Background Information
Bebon start cooperate with this Thailand shipyard since 2014, we supplied them the shipbuilding plate, bulb flat & angle bar which mainly used to build the ship. On 2017 & 2018 we visit them in Thailand, which make us have the better chance to fully understand their needs, and after knowing their project plan we can give them suggestion on the purchase. Bebon also cooperates with several Thailand Shipyards, every year supply thousand tons shipbuilding plate, angle and bulb flat with different Class society like ABS , LR , BV to them.

2.Bebon Head OfficeABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

3.Bebon Warehouse
Bebon have three big warehouse in Zhengzhou, Tianjin & Shanghai, we have ex-stock around 15,000 tons with complete size which means we can offer those profile to client within very short time.ABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

4.The ABS A Shipbuilding Angle BarABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

5.Dimension CheckingABS A Shipbuilding Angle BarABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

Grade Tk. Tolerance(mm) Result
Edge width. Tolerance
Length Tolerance
ABS A shipbuilding angle bar
100×100×7×9000 7±0.7 6.7-7 100±1.8 99.5-100 9000(+80) 9030-9035
100×100×8×9000 8±0.7 7.5-7.8 100±1.8 100.4-100.9 9000(+80) 9016-9034
150×150×12×9000 12±1 12.1-12.3 150±2.5 150-150.4 9000(+80) 9022-9032
200×200×16×9000 16±1 15.9-16.2 200±2.5 198.8-200.5 9000(+80) 9018-9025
200×200×18×12000 18±1 17.5-18.2 200±2.5 199-199.5 9000(+80) 9016-9030
200×200×24×9000 24±1 23.4-24 200±2.5 200-200.5 9000(+80) 9030-9035
200×125×12×9000 12±1 11.6-12 B b 200-
123.8-124.5 12000(+80) 12022-12035
200±2.5 125±2.5

6.ABS A MarkingABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

7.Loading at PortABS A Shipbuilding Angle BarABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

8.ABS A 3.2 Class CertificateABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

9.Surrendered BLABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

10.Shipbuilding Angle Bar We Can Offer

Grades Specification Size (mm) Delivery condition
Normal strength A(Z25/Z35) B(Z25/Z35) 9 Classification Societies 6-50 AR
50-80 CR
D(Z25/Z35) 6-80 CR/N
E(Z25/Z35) 6-80 N
6-70 TMCP
High strength AH32(Z25/Z35) DH32(Z25/Z35)
AH36(Z25/Z35) DH36(Z25/Z35)
EH32(Z25/Z35) EH36(Z25/Z35)
6-80 CR/N
Agreement ≤250 N
AH32(Z25/Z35) DH32(Z25/Z35)
AH36(Z25/Z35) DH36(Z25/Z35)
EH32(Z25/Z35) EH36(Z25/Z35)
9 Classification Societies 8-70 TMCP
F36(Z25/Z35) A40(Z25/Z35)
D40(Z25/Z35) E40(Z25/Z35)
8-60 TMCP
Extra high strength E460(Z25/Z35) 6-60 TMCP
6-100 QT
API API 2H-42, 50 API Spec 2H-2006 6-100 N
API 2W-50, 60 API Spec 2W-2006 8-60 TMCP
API 2Y-50, 60 API Spec 2Y-2006 10-100 QT
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