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The price of BBN Steel for Q235C carbon steel

The price of plate in Tianjin market dropped by RMB 30/ton from last Friday. Now the price of BBN Steel for Q235C carbon steel size 16-20mm  plate is RMB 5470/ton. Q345C low-alloy price in BBN steel is 5700 yuan/ton. In the market, the spot market price of the medium plate is mainly consolidating. In terms of transactions, today's transaction is average. The transaction volume of 5 medium and heavy plate sample traders in Tianjin is 2050 tons.

Due to recent environmental protection efforts, steel mills have stopped production and Tiangang has begun to conduct maintenance. In terms of raw materials, the price of general billet is 4960 yuan this week, and the price has remained stable. In the market, the price fluctuated sharply following the disk last week, and the price increase was too large. At present, there are some parts in the downstream. Production is suspended and orders are not accepted, but the spot price is still strong. The main reason is that the current market resources are relatively small and the destocking rate is relatively large this week. Although the mentality of the market is a bit afraid of high, but in view of the market still rising in April Space, and inventory pressure is not great, the overall mentality is still relatively optimistic. It is expected that the Tianjin mid-board market prices will fluctuate next week.
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