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The price forecast of BBN steel for hot rolled coil and carbon steel plate on May 7

On May 6, the average price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil and sheets in 24 major cities in China was 485.84 usd / ton, up 5.35 usd / ton from the previous trading day. Black commodity futures market opened high in the early morning yesterday, and then maintained a high operation. Spot market prices in all regions of China rose sharply. In some regions of the festival, there were transactions, and transactions were active. Prices of merchants rose slightly. After the increase, transactions were still active, and terminal replenishment demand was strong. With the improvement of the epidemic situation outside China, the terminal demand has obviously recovered, and some terminal feedbacks have started to receive export orders, but the import resources began to arrive at the end of May, so we need to be alert to the later pressure. In a word, in the short term, China's hot rolled coil price may maintain a strong shock, but we still need to be alert to the long-term pressure.

On May 6, the average price of 20mm carbon steel plate in 24 major cities in China was 519.49 usd / ton, 1.97 usd / ton higher than the previous trading day. On the market side, due to the fair delivery of some regions during the May Day holiday, and the rise of futures, the quotations of most medium and heavy plate businesses in the market rose yesterday. In terms of resources, at present, most of the steel mills have received orders fairly well, so the ex factory price is firm, and the ex factory price of some of the steel mills rose yesterday. With the agreement of individual steel mills in May to maintain the discount, the subsequent arrival volume of some markets is not much, or the recent price is strong. On the whole, it is expected that the price of medium and heavy plate will be consolidated and strengthened today.

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