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The 7th 2020 Birthday Party of BBN Steel employees

Hello! Meet again!
Yes, you got it. The monthly Birthday Party of BBN Steel employees was held just now to celebrate the July "Birthday Stars".

This party, there are two surprises.
BBN steel

First surprise: the father and son
The lovely son put on the birthday crown for Dad, and said happy birthday. It is a sweet scene. As in China, there is a saying " father's love is like a mountain". The Chinese fathers do a lot for the family but they always do not express much, and they are not good at emotional expression. However, their love is always there, with their beloved families, their parents, their wife, their children. Though most of them always look serious before families, they are easily touched and moved by even small details in love.

Below picture is "the father cut cakes for his son". It is full of love, though without a word.
BBN steel

Second surprise: the husband and wife, and their "baby"

The couple has been members of BBN steel for more than 8 years. The wife is one of the "Birthday Stars" today. And they will become parents for a cute baby 3 months later. The husband help his wife wear the birthday crown. Just like what they usually do, the husband is always a model husband, taking good care of his families. Hope they will live with happiness forever.
BBN steel

This Birthday Party is impressive, and it is special in showing more love between families. No matter the "the father and son", or "the husband and wife, and their baby", has made me touched and moved. May be we should also have a pause for thought, and express more love, gratitude and appreciation for our families. Let us make efforts together to create more happy families, more harmonious society.
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