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The Belt and Road National Key Project:Indonesia Dexin Iron and Steel Group put into full production

On March 29th, 2020, the first hot molten iron of Dexin Steel's blast furnace in Indonesia rushed out and poured into the ladle. On March 31th, the converter was officially opened for production. The first molten steel was successfully smelted at 9:18 on the same day! Eight machine and eight flow billet continuous casting billet smooth! This marks that Indonesia Dexin Iron and Steel has realized the whole process of sintering, iron making, steel making and steel rolling in the factory and put it into production.

In 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed the “Belt and Road” initiative. While seeking its own development, he contributed Chinese wisdom that conforms to the historical trend for the development of other countries. President Xi emphasized that "Southeast Asia has been an important hub of the 'Maritime Silk Road' since ancient times."

With the strong support of the Indonesian government, Dexin Steel will vigorously promote the economic development of Indonesia. Dexin Steel's advanced steel equipment, coupled with the advantages of exporting technology, management, and talent from the country, its products have a high cost performance, which can attract more Indonesian steel distributors to pay attention to Indonesia's national standard products, and promote the Indonesian steel market to gradually eliminate backward non-standard Steel, guide the market's standardized development. At the same time, the factory is located in the port, with inherent cost advantages.

In response to the Belt and Road initiative, BBN Group "Going Global"

In recent years, BBN Group has always insisted on leading the market development with technological development, seizing the strategic opportunities of the Belt and Road, deeply cultivating the steel industry and service market, and successively entering more than 10 countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Egypt and Nigeria.

Railway station platform structure project in Indonesia

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