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BBN successfully developed extra thick X80M pipeline steel sheet

Recently, BBN successfully developed for the first time the high-quality, extra thick and large capacity X80M pipeline steel sheet with a thickness of 22mm, realizing the perfect combination of product performance, high strength and high toughness. There are more than 30 technical indicators required for the product, which is extremely difficult. The trial produced sheet and steel pipe have been certified by a third-party authority, and their physical and chemical properties and girth welding properties all meet the requirements of relevant standards, reaching the world leading level, which shows the strength of BBN steel in the field of pipeline steel R & D and production.

China Russia east line natural gas pipeline project, a major pipeline transmission project jointly constructed by China and Russia, is a long-distance pipeline with the largest diameter, the highest pressure and the largest gas transmission volume in the world, with a diameter of 1422 / 1219mm, a transmission pressure of 12MPa, a maximum wall thickness of 21.4/22mm and a total length of about 3400km. BBN steel successfully developed 22mm extra thick large capacity X80M pipeline steel sheet, which provides strong guarantee for pipeline construction in China.

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