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BBN steel thin specification high-strength checkered plate is recognized by users

"The thin-gauge high-strength hot-rolled checkered plates provided by BBN steel have very good performance and quality and meet our production requirements." Recently, BBN steel received a call from a user. This shows that the factory's thin-gauge high-strength checkered plates have been highly recognized by users.

Checkered plates are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, bridges, transportation, shipbuilding and other fields because of their beautiful appearance, good anti-slip effect, and easy cleaning. In recent years, with the development of the automobile manufacturing industry, thin and high-strength hot-rolled lentil-shaped checkered plates have been widely used in the manufacture of cabin panels for heavy-duty vehicles.

In order to enhance market competitiveness and increase space for profit creation, BBN steel is market-oriented and has established a research team to address technical problems such as heavy rolling load of thin-spec high-strength checkered plates and difficulty in plate shape control, and intensified research efforts; timely contact with users, communicate and understand users' special requirements for products; strengthen tracking of product usage, visit users' locations multiple times, adjust process and technology solutions in a timely manner based on problems encountered by users in production, and strive to solve pitfalls that easily occur during the production process. Problems such as pits, curves and uneven grain height. Over the past year, BBN steel has provided nearly one thousand tons of products to this user. Its mechanical properties, plate shape and surface quality all meet the user's requirements and have been highly recognized by the user.

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