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BBN steel participated in the summary meeting of China Iron and Steel Industry Association

On July 10, China Iron and Steel Industry Association held a video conference on the management of some iron and steel enterprises in the first half of the year to understand the production and operation situation of iron and steel enterprises in the first half of the year, analyze the difficulties and problems encountered in the operation of the steel industry, discuss the market trend in the later stage and put forward countermeasures and suggestions. BBN steel and other outstanding steel manufacturers were invited to attend the meeting. He Wenbo, Secretary of the Party committee and executive chairman of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, presided over the meeting.

He Wenbo said novel coronavirus pneumonia had a serious impact on the world economy in the first half of the year, and it was not easy for the steel industry to maintain stable operation. In order to deal with the epidemic situation and stabilize operation, the state, industry and enterprises have made great efforts and achieved remarkable results. At present, the situation of national epidemic prevention and control tends to be stable, various measures are gradually implemented, the policy effect is gradually apparent, and the demand for steel is gradually restored. On the whole, the continuous improvement of national economic indicators has provided a better than expected external environment for the production and operation of the iron and steel industry. The recovery of steel demand exceeds the expectation, and the supply of steel products is strong. The iron and steel industry has withstood the test of the epidemic. This is mainly due to two aspects: first, the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, especially the support of key policies issued by the state and local governments; Second, China Iron and Steel Industry Association and steel enterprises have made joint efforts, unity and cooperation to maintain the smooth operation of the steel industry.

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