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BBN Steel medium plate price on August 7th is stable

Zhengzhou News: Today(August 7th) Zhengzhou medium plate price is mainly stable. The current market price of BBN steel medium plate 10mm specification is 4230 yuan/ton, and the market price of Q235B carbon steel medium plate 14-25mm is 3930 yuan/ton. Angang the market price of 14-25mm low alloy steel plate is 4130 yuan/ton.

In terms of transactions, the overall transaction situation in the market today is average, with most traders trading around 230 tons today, and some merchants shipping around 120 tons. In terms of inventory, the medium plate inventory this week has increased slightly compared to last week. BBN Steel company has a medium plate inventory of about 3,600 tons, and some traders have inventory of about 7,000 tons. The market inventory resources are relatively sufficient. Most of the steel plate specifications are complete. There is inventory pressure. In terms of market mentality, the recent transaction situation has improved compared with the previous period, but because the downstream active purchase enthusiasm still needs to be boosted, the market speculative demand has weakened, and the overall trading atmosphere is still relatively ordinary. Most the merchants are cautious about the market outlook and willing to actively stock low.
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