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BBN steel helps employees build harmonious parent-child relationship

Childhood is a dream word. Innocent, carefree, childhood fun, all kinds of pure and beautiful words can be associated with childhood. On the annual Children's Day, we really want to spend precious parent-child time with our children.BBN steelBBN steel

Caring for the physical and mental health of employees, creating a comfortable and warm working atmosphere for everyone, and improving the happiness of employees' work and life have always been the background color of BBN Steel Group's corporate culture.BBN steelBBN steel

On the occasion of International Children's Day, BBN Steel Group organized a variety of parent-child projects to help employees build a harmonious parent-child relationship, create a happy and healthy family environment and create a warm and harmonious cultural atmosphere.BBN steel

All kinds of games are wonderful and interesting, and the children's laughter is sweet. In a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere, we spent an unforgettable Children's Day together. BBN steel wish all the children a happy holiday.

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