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BBN 9 nickel steel plate helps LNG storage tank project

The 9 nickel steel plate for LNG storage tank uses is known as the "Steel Diamond". With the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry, the application of liquefied natural gas has become increasingly widespread, and the demand for high-end 9 nickel steel plates for liquefied natural gas storage tanks is also increasing. For a long time, restricted by manufacturing technology, this double-high product mainly relies on imports, which is expensive and has a long order cycle.

In order to achieve technological breakthroughs, BBN steel takes the development of 9 nickel steel plates for LNG storage tanks as an important task to promote. The steel plate is extremely difficult to smelt, requiring the yield strength, welding performance, deep drawing performance, etc. to remain unchanged under the ultra-low temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius; the nickel content is more than 200% higher than that of ordinary alloy steel; the heat treatment technology is more complex and stricter than that of ordinary alloy steel manufacturing.

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